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Many people want to be prayed for because they long to conceive a child, are expecting one or have sick children.  Read about Saint Colette and the babies (we are not Colettines for nothing!)

Part of these pages constitute a prayerful pilgrimage with music and pictures round the life of the Lord Jesus, Mary, his saints, some popes and others of his friends - there are lots of stories.

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We have pages for Kids and a Kid's Blog: Anezka's nest.  There is also a special Prayerline for Kids

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'Littlehearts' get a daily prayer or meditation, and the various prayerlines are for all.

Nervously, we have opened our first small shop: Clare trade.  We were no end encouraged to sell something on the first day it went up!

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Lent Pilgrimage


The Son of God has become our way, freely and in joy we live with Christ on this journey:

In the silence that envelops this night, in the silence that envelops Holy Saturday, touched by the limitless love of God, we live awaiting the dawn of the third day, the dawn of the victory of the love of God, the dawn of the light that enables the eyes of the heart to see life, difficulties and suffering in a new way. Our failures, our disillusionments, our bitternesses that seem to signal the collapse of everything, are enlightened by hope. The act of love of the cross, confirmed by the Father and the radiant light of the resurrection, envelopes and transforms everything.
From betrayal, friendship can be born;
from rejection, pardon;
from hate, love.

The Pilgrimage of the Way of the Cross