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St Colette Favourite cuThe Blessing of St Colette
Now that so many people call in for the Blessing of St Colette we are praying the Chaplet of St Colette every Saturday at 12.30 and Dear Mother will give the blessing with the veil of St Colette to any who wishes to receive it. As God pleases, as God wills. You're always welcome - if you are this side of the world!
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Knit lineWhat's on at Ty Mam Duw
  • October 25 11am -1pm Sale of Work. We are still knitting! However, now is your chance to see TMD's T Shirts, too...!
  • November 29 6.30 Carol Service

pilot light boxComing shortly
Watch this spot! TMD are developing new pages to appear on October 4 2014:
  • Claresite - for the Under Eighties: a section for younger readers. With
  • Kid's Cloister, which is more than a tour round the monastery and will include a blog called Aneska's Nest.
  • Franscript Reading the Word with St Francis for starters, and
  • Tony's Tales; Tony goes to St Charity's CP in the lovely Welsh village of Panticariad. He doesn't have a clue about God - but he's a quick learner!